Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Last Blog Post

On my first day interning, Ted told me that at Savas Beatie, two plus two equals ten.


Hundreds of e-mails, two press releases, five interviews, six or so copy-editing jobs, ten minutes of organizing the magazine rack, one hour of taking notes on inventory, countless conversations, three meetings, four filing projects, 18 blog posts, and thousands of observations later, I’m writing my final post.

Was Ted right? I think so. Sure, there’s always a giant stack of papers to shred, a couple invoice files to organize, maybe even some envelopes to lick. But I haven’t been doing that. Did I think that during my internship I’d be writing daily? That what I wrote would be posted on the Internet, read by actual people?


Did I think I’d meet authors, talk to them, and ask them questions? I don’t think so.

Was I expecting to sit in on meetings? Did I think I’d be treated like I actually worked here and wasn’t just a high school student dropping in for a few weeks? Or that I’d be able to copy-edit actual books (I am sure they checked things after me!), and help write press releases that would appear in newspapers?

For sure, no!

I think everyone at Savas Beatie showed me what two plus two did equals ten means. Everyone makes sure their work is valuable, and produces results much greater than the sum of its parts.

I’m ready to come back, during my spring break or next summer, to experience the unusual equation again.

This summer just flew by! Thank you Sarah, Ted, Veronica, Tammy, and Alex, for making Savas Beatie such a great place to work.


  1. Thanks, Parul. It was great having you here!

    By the way, did the plants turn out to be real or fake? =)


  2. Haha. I was actually looking at the plants on my last day, but I wasn't completely sure that I was right, so I left them out of my last blog. They looked real to me. Am I right?

  3. Hey Parul,

    All fake but one, I think. =)

    Thanks again for everything and good luck with the start of the school year!